Townsville’s leading excavation service

At Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire, we are committed to delivering excavation services for residential and commercial sectors, on time and on budget. We’re experienced in all aspects of earthmoving, including site clearing, yard clean-ups, driveways, septic tanks and drains.

Our extensive fleet of Bobcats, trenchers and earthmovers are available to hire at an affordable, hourly rate.

We service Townsville and surrounding suburbs. Discuss your excavation project with us today.

Site Clearing

Need to clear a large block of land fast? Contact Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire. Our fleet of rock breakers, Bobcats and trenchers can clear scrub, earth and trees with ease. We also have trucks to transport debris away from the site.

Yard Clean-Ups

Have a messy backyard and need it cleared fast? The team at Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire can clean the site, remove the rubbish and level your yard to restore it to its former glory.

Tree & Stump Removal

Remove trees or stumps from your land with Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire. Our excavating machines are powerful enough to move, lift, carry and remove trees and stumps with ease.


At Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire, we can clear and excavate the land for your new driveway to be laid. Correctly prepared, you’ll have a driveway that will stand the test time.


Using heavy-duty borers and excavating equipment, our team can dig trenches for pipes and drains to be installed.

Septic Tanks

Contact Jack’s Backhoe & Borer Hire for trenches big enough for plastic or concrete septic tanks, as well as for the underground plumbing pipes.